There are only two things we must do to be happy:

  •  Remove the things that make us unhappy
  • Appreciate all the things that don’t.

Angela Fitzpatrick

Happiness Consultant

Q – What is a Happiness Consultant?

A – There are some people in the world who know what they want, and go after it. They often get what they want because making that decision, what to go after, is the key to getting there.

Most of us, however, don’t really know what we DO want, but we keep thinking ‘NOT THIS’. We all have days when we think ‘Surely this isn’t all there is?’, or ‘I wish my life was better’ – but we don’t actually do anything to make a change; we just put our heads down and forge on…

Usually, there is just one big thing that’s stopping you from getting where you dream of being, and you know what that is, but you can’t overcome it alone…

A Happiness Consultant can help you move from now, to that future – identifying and removing the obstacles – paving the way & showing you how to light your own path.

Read on, for more information about some of the techniques used by a Happiness Consultant….

Havening Techniques

logo-havening-only-tinyThe Havening Techniques are a healing modality that is designed to help individuals overcome problems that are the consequence of traumatic encoding. The Havening Techniques belong to a larger group of methods called psychosensory therapies, which use sensory input to alter thought, mood and behavior.