Most research tells us that there are five ‘stages’ of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I don’t believe that’s correct, although most people going through grief experience some or all of those emotions at different times.

I’ve also seen reports claiming that there are seven stages; adding shock and guilt. That’s nearer the mark – and those are the two emotions making it harder to move on, to let go.

The unexpected ending of a relationship, be it through death or abandonment, is such a traumatic experience that it can result in phobias, panic attacks, night terrors caused by the shock when the subconscious mind becomes highly alert and over-protective.

Coupled with a feeling of guilt, means that we cannot ‘let go’ – we need permission & because of the guilt, we are not ‘allowed’ to give it.

Humans are uniquely capable of making themselves feel guilty about everything and anything. When we lose somebody close to us, there is inevitably that guilty ‘Could/should I have done more or better?’.

With many years experience of helping people move forward & reclaim their lives, clients see a positive change from their first session, and rarely need more than two appointments.

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