Summer 2018 Courses

Staring in 2018 at Orkney College, Kirkwall, I will be partnering with OIC to offer an evening class courses of eight weeks’ duration on Breaking the Cycle of Depression.

Booking available  in person at Customer Services, OIC, or by telephone on 873535 (you will need a debit or credit card), or by post to OIC.


Breaking the Cycle of Depression

About the Course

It is aimed at people who suffer from depression, or those who help and support people with depression. At the end of the course, you will be able to recognise mood changes and identify triggers that start the depression process. You will discover ways of delaying, reducing the impact or severity, and even stopping depression completely.

What is required of you?

Nothing more than an open mind and a willingness to try new ideas. You don’t need any qualifications or experience, just an interest in depression and getting to the root of it. It is an interactive course, not lectures, but there is no role-playing, I promise! You don’t have to share or contribute – but it helps a lot if you’re willing to participate and interact with your course fellows.

Course Agenda:

Week 1 – Recognising your own triggers & warnings

What is depression? How does it affect individuals? Their family?

Is it conscious or unconscious? Understanding the unconscious mind. Link to Hibernation. Reframe Technique

Week 2 – Understanding chemistry of the brain and body & how to change it

Genetic vs learned behaviour

You ‘do’ depression at first, but it soon begins to ‘do’ you

Serotonin, dopamine etc

Week 3 – Why you wake up tired and unmotivated & what you can do about it

Sleep techniques & what not to do

Week 4 – Why some types of counselling make depression worse

CBT, Talk Therapy, Antidepressants, big pharma

Week 5 – How to control negative thought patterns & turn them around

Self-Care Routine Activities – Physical – Mental – Sensual – Human – Recharge

Week 6 -Finding positive triggers & anchors

NLP Techniques such as Anchors, Visualisation, Mirror Technique

Week 7 – Writing your self-care routine

Why we don’t love the 3rd slice of chocolate cake – Variety of interests, to-do jar

Week 8 – Your own action plan & moving forward

Making it personal and getting a commitment