Nature and nurture both have a large part to play in how our children experience the world around them, how they interact with it, and the skills they carry into adult life.

Unfortunately, life sometimes deals out experiences that we aren’t ready to handle and this can lead to trauma, phobia, lack of confidence, as well as physical symptoms.

For younger children, helping them to process recurring dreams and deal with night terrors can make a huge difference.

Youth often feel powerless in a world that they don’t fully understand, or misunderstood and unable to make themselves heard, resulting in eating disorders, abuse and self-harm.

Experiencing family breakdown hampers resilience and this can lead to overwhelming stress. The inability to concentrate, damages potential learning, risking exam failure.

Empowering Youth £78 per session*

*If you cannot afford the fees listed, please don’t let that put you off making contact, subsidised appointments are sometimes available because of donations received.